Reward ideas?

I’m thinking of rewarding myself for every week that I go without measuring and calorie counting. My reward for this week will be dying my hair. Next week a new book. So on and so forth. Can you guys give me reward ideas? I want a bunch of them. Please and thank you!

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I don’t recommend calorie counting and measuring your food to anyone. Sure there are a lot of people who can do it healthily and lose x amount of weight and return to a normal but healthy diet quite easily… but then there are people (like me) who obsess and count and won’t even drink a glass of milk if it hasn’t been measured and counted to see if it will fit into your daily calorie restriction of about 700-1200 calories. I exercise or do strenuous activity at least five days a week and my body can’t run on so few calories (no ones can) and I’m really starting to see the bad side of it.

I’m sick right now. I have a flu and mrsa and my body is trying to recover and I’m not getting enough food and nutrients to let it do that. Because of this I started shaking yesterday morning and didn’t stop until late last night. I felt like my brain was about to shake out of my head and do you know why it stopped? I ate food. Quite a lot of food. I had chicken and fries and ice cream and I cried about it but I stopped shaking. I stopped hurting.

This is what calorie counting and restricting has done to me and that is why I don’t recommend it. Eat a healthy diet and indulge as you see fit. Once or twice or three times a week. You want ice cream after dinner? Eat it. Pizza? Eat it. Don’t remove things you enjoy from your life just to lose weight. That mindset consumed me and now all I do is obsess over calories and I don’t have time to actually have a life.

Well that’s all. Sorry for the long post.

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My goal is to pray so much and so often I pray with out realizing it. I want talk to God and learn how to tap in to a relationship. I want to hear His thoughts and I want to laugh with Him. I want to pray so much that it is like talking to my best friend.

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